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BlockID by 1Kosmos revolutionizes identity management, enabling people and companies to escape from the legacy systems of paper-based documents and move into a true digital identity with unprecedented privacy, security, transparency, and individual rights by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.


Why BlockID?

In today’s $4 trillion digital economies where money can be sent across the world in milliseconds and everything from buying food to submitting a job application has moved online, simply proving who you are to those who genuinely need to know has remained stubbornly rooted in the legacy age of paper.

Try opening a bank account, applying for a government service, or even buying a SIM card for a mobile device, and you will need to provide a physical ID such as a driver’s license that’s then scanned or photocopied to satisfy regulatory requirements. The online world is even more chaotic. The average person has over 50 digital identities, each stored by a different company or government organization in siloed identity management (IDM) systems. Security protections range from strong to barely existent.

It’s fast, easy and secure

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Reduce fraud and simplify compliance

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Add advanced protections in just hours

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