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1Kosmos Identity Proofing Journey

Digital identity verification on the BlockID platform lets customers engage with a trusted identity profile and mitigate risk from fraudsters. Our Identity verification technology helps verify the identity of people accessing your product or service, all without having to download an app.

How it works

User enrollment

1Kosmos offers capabilities for users to self enroll after a simple email verification step. Accounts are setup with a username, password, email and phone. Newly created users are able to MFA login using username, password and Email/Phone OTP.

Decentralized Web wallet

Every user is setup with a web wallet on our private blockchain to store identity information. The wallet can be recovered using the 12 digit recovery mnemonic phrase. Sensitive data about the user is never kept on a database and can only be accessed with consent from the user. An 8 digit PIN is required to be setup during wallet creation for added layer of security.

ID Scan using Mobile camera

Depending on the customer needs, identity verification workflows can be triggered to support the business use case. Government identity documents like Driver's license, passport and national ID can be scanned to verify the user. Our Web to mobile workflow allows users to begin their ID scan journey on the web and transition seamlessly to use the mobile camera to scan the front and back of the ID. The platform detects for image quality, focus, glare, face and barcodes during the scan.

Similarity Check & Liveness detection

An optional similarity check can be added to

  • Verify liveness of the person presenting the ID
  • Check if the ID profile image matches the user's face

The user is asked to provide an up-close selfie and a far selfie to strengthen the profile of the user presenting themselves for verification. This step ensures proof possession during the time of enrolling their ID.

Identity Wallet

After successful scan, our platform triangulates date to ensure

  • Only valid ID's are enrolled
  • Expired ID's are rejected
  • DL profile image matches with Live ID

User's data is now saved to their identity wallet and can be presented to any relying party for verification.

Data Sharing

Identity data is sensitive and can only the shared with consent of the user. Relying parties are able to request IAL (Identity Assurance Levels) or attributes about the user from their ID using federation protocols (SAML/OIDC). Once the user provides consent, they are redirected to the relying party with the required user profile attributes.

What can BlockID Verify help me with?

BlockID Verify helps users verify the online identity of yours users

  • A secure portal to enroll new identities
  • Prove ownership of an email address
  • Prove possession of a phone number
  • Verify the authenticity of a Driver's License with issuing DMV
  • Match and confirm and individual to the photo from a government-issued document
  • Prove the liveness of a user
  • Social security number verification
  • Trigger automated journeys to get users to IAL2