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AdminX Broker


The BlockID Broker allows a tenant or community administrator to easily connect and configure an existing Active Directory (AD) or LDAP user directory to the administration panel with a few simple steps.

The broker is a Linux executable that facilitates interaction between your Active Directory or LDAP user accounts and BlockID.

The AdminX portal manages the accounts in BlockID once the connection has been established.

Broker Installation Requirements

  • Active Directory service account to facilitate interactions between the broker and your user director
  • The broker (AD and LDAP) should be installed on a server-class Linux system
  • The Linux machine should have at least 4GB of memory and a moderate amount of free disk space for logs and installation
  • Running multiple brokers on the same system is discouraged
  • It is recommended that the installation not be performed as the Linux root account
  • The broker server must have a continuous connection to the internet so it can communicate with BlockID

The Linux server hosting the broker must be a member of your Active Directory domain

Getting Started

To install and configure the broker, navigate to your tenant or community administrator panel and sign in.

Follow the instructions for downloading and configuring a broker: